Forgotten reviews & failed builds are no longer a problem

Please don't share the app to anyone outside _company_ as we are still in private launch.
🎉 Thank you, we really appreciate your interest. We are letting in more and more companies every day, ensuring everything runs smoothly for you. We will let you know soon! 😌
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we will personaly contact you to make sure devilery will run smoothly for you

Don't stress about build

Get notified about early fails and successful builds.

Review & merge faster

Assign code review and get notified when it's done.

ChatOps without spam

We don't spam public channels. Only you get the messages.

Plug & play ChatOps in your Slack


Always know your build status

Never get frustrated again when your build fails without your notice. Manual jobs? No problem.

Assign reviews & get them in time

Assign code review with one click and get notification when the review is done.

Can you relate?

Not noticing that the build failed in the first minute; Waiting super long time for a code review; Switching back and forth between tools a looot; "Of course I haven't forgot on the review. I am just busy"


Main Slack message
See GitHub checks status
See CircleCI jobs status
When having CircleCI
See CircleCI manual actions
When having CircleCI
Assign code review
See the review status
Merge the PR
Write permissions needed
Delete the branch on merge
Get notifications when
GitHub check failed
CircleCI job failed
When having CircleCI
The whole build is succesful
When someone assigned you a review
Review is pending for more then 1 day
Reviewer commented on the review
Review accepted or rejected
Snooze review notification for 3 hours
Overview (your home tab)
Your open PRs
Pending code reviews
Code reviews assigned to you

More features sailing soon

All important info in Home Tab
See open PRs, pending reviews, your assigner reviews and more in the Home Tab
Smart review assigning
Not sure who is currently free to do you a review? We will advice you who is free
More people can access one PR
Set default channels for your PRs. Anyone in channel can subscribe to the notifications
Get message when deploy is done
Always know when your code reaches the production
Dev cycle analytics
Average time of code review? How long does it takes to run the test? And much more...
Links to pipeline artifacts
Know where exactly the build failed in Slack
Easy hotfix/revert
Simple rollback without being affraid of braking migrations
See if your code has impact on business
Did your work impact desired business goals?